Data Scientist / Algorithm Engineer in McLean, VA

SphereOI is a high performance studio with exceptional data scientists, engineers, and product designers. We value digital innovation that challenges the status quo by making products that are meaningful for commercial and government clients. There is no checklist mentality for product development at SphereOI. Our innovation follows a North Star vision and design with Strong Centers that keeps each product authentic to what is most meaningful to the customer. By centering our effort on what is most meaningful, we deliver transformative innovation.

This position is for a Data Scientist / Algorithm Engineer who will work in our studio to develop and operationalize advanced analytic solutions for our customers. You can expect to work on real world challenges in a wide range of applications such as telematics data exploitation, behavior profiling, cybersecurity threat detection or responsive agriculture analytics. Some of the technology disciplines you will be working with include attribution analysis, dynamic component influencer analysis, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and anomaly detection. The ideal candidate for this position has a deep knowledge of machine learning algorithms but also has a strong desire to get business value from analytics.

What You Will Be Doing

  • Develop predictive models using R, Java, or Python
  • Perform data reduction and normalization; Extract and combine information rich features
  • Participate in a weekly “Demo Thursday” where the team demonstrates work-in-progress
  • Recommend machine learning algorithms as well as suitable modifications
  • Develop, enhance, test and evaluate algorithms
  • Develop and conduct experiments for performance validation
  • What You Need for this Position

  • Bachelor’s Degree (Master’s Degree is preferred) in statistics, mathematics, physics, or related field
  • Experience developing statistical, mathematical and predictive models
  • Knowledge of supervised learning techniques such as neural nets, CART, regressions
  • Knowledge of unsupervised learning techniques such as clustering or segmentation

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