Data Scientist / Machine Learning Expert in McLean, VA

SphereOI is an award winning digital studio devoted to using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for enterprise clients. We conceive, develop, train, and engineer production-ready machine learning solutions to achieve superhuman performance. More than a data science shop, we are an engineering studio built on data science. Our approach is an unusual blend of machine learning with design-thinking and production software engineering. We make things.

This position is for a Data Scientist / Machine Learning Expert who will work in our studios as a member of our data science team. The position will support multiple clients over time, crossing a broad spectrum of industries. The pace is fast, but the technology and opportunities to experiment with new approaches are exciting. The position requires a significant proficiency with statistical science in the context of machine learning. The work involves exploration, experimentation, and implementation. Programming skill is essential. The more varied your background, the better. Data, big and small, is a ubiquitous element, and familiarity with modern data architecture and query languages is important. This position will, over time, draw on your skills in NLP, computer vision, cyber-physical systems, and deep/reinforcement learning.

 What You Will Be Doing

  • Learn new domains and problems
  • Experiment with models and data
  • Push the boundaries of ML in computer vision, agent design, NLP, and other areas
  • Collaborate with other experts
  • Develop reference implementations of models and pipelines
  • Work in Python, possibly other languages (e.g. R, Java)
  • Present at weekly demos and various sessions
  • Support production engineering teams and develop automated tests

What You Need for This Position

  • Talent for machine learning fundamentals  We stress the fundamentals
  • An advanced degree in math, statistics, data science, physics or computer science is preferred, but not required if you have experience in the field
  • Hands on coding experience using Python, R, Java, C#, or SQL is preferred
  • Experience with TensorFlow or similar frameworks
  • Experience with scalable data architectures (e.g. Spark, Hadoop) is a plus


Interested? Send us any comments and your resume.


Sphere of Influence Expands Data Analytics Studio

Sphere of Influence – a leader in value add data science for high-volume, high-velocity and high-variety information assets – today announced continued investment in its McLean, VA operations where it has doubled its data science team over the past year.  The company – which recently expanded operations into Denver, CO – is also growing its digital solutions team.

The expansion of the Sphere of Influence data science studio coincides with the ramping-up of the company’s latest offering – analytics that predict customer experience for software systems.

“Our team of data strategists, data scientists and software developers has been creating exciting innovations that will make a real difference for businesses in competitive markets,” said Sphere of Influence Director of Accounts, Scott Pringle.  “Sphere of Influence has taken the steps to bring new data science solutions to our customers and expanded our science team to position the company for exciting new growth opportunities in 2016.”

About Sphere of Influence, Inc.

Sphere of Influence fuses advanced data science with digital solutions to deliver transformative products.  The company specializes in advanced data analytics for high-volume, high-velocity and high-variety information assets from a wide range of sensors in precision agriculture, automotive, and Internet of Things (IoT) telematics.  The company utilizes a broad and continuously growing integrated infrastructure of proprietary data science platforms, algorithms, and machine learning systems.  For additional information, please visit Sphere of Influence’s corporate website at:

View live release here.