Senior Algorithm Engineer in McLean, VA

SphereOI is a high performance studio with exceptional data scientists, engineers and product designers. We value digital innovation that challenges the status quo by making products that are meaningful for our government and commercial customers. There’s no checklist mentality for product development at SphereOI. Our innovation follows a North Star vision and design with Strong Centers that keeps each product authentic to what is most meaningful to the customer. By centering our effort on what is most meaningful, we deliver transformative innovation.

SphereOI is seeking a Senior Algorithm Engineer to work in our studios inventing solutions for a wide range of client needs. The technical disciplines in our studios include machine learning, advanced analytics, computer vision, signal processing, and autonomous systems. The position requires working witha cross-discipline team to design and operationalize advanced algorithms from the ground up. The ideal candidate has a track record of inventing new ideas and formulating mathematical algorithms that are practical for use in production.

What You Will Be Doing

  • Work as part of an elite team of data scientists, designers, and engineers
  • Solve hard problems – often where other teams have tried and failed
  • Utilize advanced machine learning and current technologies
  • Engage clients to understand their unique problem or need
  • Develop innovative solution hypotheses and select best-fit candidates
  • Manipulate and shape data for analytics and exploitation
  • Implement end-to-end algorithm based solution pipelines
  • Perform extensive analytic validation and testing on algorithm performance
  • Research new technologies, mathematics, and algorithms
  • What You Need for this Position

  • Ph.D. or Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Math, Physics, or related field
  • Minimum five years of professional experience designing and implementing algorithms
  • Experience analyzing datasets with R, Python, or MATLAB
  • Knowledge of machine learning techniques, including Clustering or Segmentation is a big plus
  • Programming skills in Java, C#, or C++ is a plus

  • Apply now:

    Data Science to Stop Terrorist Counterfeiters

    The U.S. Government has awarded Sphere of Influence, Inc. a contract to develop new technology that helps the U.S. Government understand more about terrorist networks that create forged identity documents.

    Sphere of Influence, Inc., a McLean, Virginia based developer of advanced data analytics technologies, announced it has been awarded a contract by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to build a data science platform that enables the U.S. Government to understand more about terrorist networks and forged identity documents they produce. The contract has an estimated value of $700k for one year. Under the terms of the contract, Sphere of Influence, Inc., will deliver technologies that apply advanced data science, computer vision, and machine learning algorithms.

    With this contract the US Government will not only learn more about the networks that create counterfeit identity documents, but also how they use them.

    About Sphere of Influence, Inc.

    Sphere of Influence, Inc. provides technologies for advanced data analytics and interactive digital solutions. The company was formed in 2000 and is headquartered in McLean, VA.

    View live release here.