Loyalty Programs – Who should be loyal to whom?

First of all the name is wrong – it should be a rewards program (some get this right). To drive business some companies will set consumption goals then reward customers who achieve those goals, often forcing them to “join” a program. However, even at the first transaction a customer is already giving the company their […]


There is nothing new about agilewashed projects. Scrumwashing is big today but back in the mid 2000’s, before any random person off the street could get certified in Scrum, projects got washed in superficial XP practices. I can’t count the number of projects I knew back then that implemented Agile simply through pair-programming, “team empowerment”, […]

Designing for Language

Programming language design is a concern for every software developer. While most modern programing languages are technically capable of the same operations, the design of a language deeply influences how its users approach and solve problems. A programming language with consistent and coherent core design principles will encourage code which conforms to those same principles, […]