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How fast is Fast?

Meet Cindy, an experienced program manager overseeing a substantial software development effort with over 100 team members. Her program’s funding was allocated on a solid promise of innovation and efficiency. Delivery is scheduled 36 months from commencement and everything appears to be going fine. The usual story. At this point you might expect the usual story about […]

Vet Your Agile Advisor with 5 Questions

Whether an internal hire or a hired gun, onboarding someone to advise you about Agile is a risky but important gamble. Not all Agile advisors are equal; there are good ones, bad ones, and some in-between ones.  How can you tell the difference? Just to be clear – Agile is the worldwide standard for software […]

Why the Government Insider Threat Program Will Fail

President Obama has ordered federal employees to monitor the behavioral patterns of coworkers and report suspicious observations to officials.  Under this policy a coworker’s failure to cast suspicion on another coworker could result in penalties that include criminal charges. Seriously! This is the current policy for preventing the next insider threat, to pit coworker against coworker! Well…interestingly […]

Coexistence of Multiple Personalities

Game Developer Sid Meier calls it the Covert Action rule, named after one of his less successful video games that integrated two very strong but different styles of gameplay into one game. Covert Action (circa 1990) was a mystery game with all the suspense, clues, and plot you might expect in a spy thriller of […]

Tech that finds bad guys (and girls too)

A hotel worker in China entered Frank’s room while he was away at dinner and installed a new type of spyware on his laptop.  The spyware traveled home with Frank, waiting to connect to the corporate network. Once behind the firewall the spyware infected hosts, generated link charts of business relationships, harvested intellectual property, and […]


There is nothing new about agilewashed projects. Scrumwashing is big today but back in the mid 2000’s, before any random person off the street could get certified in Scrum, projects got washed in superficial XP practices. I can’t count the number of projects I knew back then that implemented Agile simply through pair-programming, “team empowerment”, […]