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Graduate from Zombie to Master

Don’t be like your friends who will leave college to become zombies. A zombie can wake up in the morning, drive to the office, go to work, drive home, watch TV, sleep, and repeat without a single truly conscious moment.

Don’t graduate to that ‘life’, which is comfortably painless, but totally unrewarding. College graduation should be about liberation, not about joining the Walking Dead. Contribute something extraordinary to the world by doing things your peers won’t be able to imitate. A career isn’t about your commute, your job, your boss, or your position. A career is defined by that one thing you do that nobody else can.

Join us on Periscope and Meerkat Friday, September 18th at 12:30pm EST.
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We’ll talk about what YOU CAN DO to make yourself a ranked master, no matter who you are. Don’t graduate and become another zeroed-out zombie that mindlessly wanders between work and home. Neural and cognitive plasticity offers a liberating alternative, and it’s something you can control.

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Sphere of Influence specializes in data analytics, machine learning, software engineering, and digital product development. Our studios are deeply technical, we are fast moving, we value honest nice people, and we have actual passion.

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